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The Location

Tip #1 Describe the space in detail

Modern House available for hire. Located within bustling Venice Beach. With large open spaces, a swimming pool and covered entertaining area this property ticks all the boxes. Large open spaces with great lighting for photo’s, videos or just make use of the space for your own private intimate playtime.

Tip #2 List any features that make your space stand out

Swimming pool
Use of the entire house
Landscaped garden

Tip #3 Advise if you have minimum booking requirements or special rules

Minimum booking period for this space is 4 hours. Check calendar for availability.

Tip #4 Who would your site appeal to?

Suitable for:
Small groups
Curious couples that want to avoid the crowds

Tip #5

More photo’s of your space improve your booking rate. Let people see all the best features

Tip #6

Share your space using the links in at the bottom of your ad. Let your existing network know it is available for private settings

Tip #7

Can always write this in a word document and copy and paste into detailed description section

Tip #8

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Amount of Privacy: Very Private
Film & Photography Allowed: Yes
Adult Content Allowed: Yes
Minimum Hours : 4
Type of Venue:
Apartment / House
Studio Space
Workshop / Garage
Bar / Club
Luxury Cars
Something Unique