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This is an example ad only. Space not available for hire…..

Tip #1 Describe the space in detail
Secluded outdoor area

Tip #2 List any features that make your space stand out
Available Equipment:
Day beds
Outdoor furniture
landscaped garden
And much much more

Tip #3 Advise if you have minimum booking requirements or special rules
Minimum booking period for this space is 2 hours. Check calendar for availability.

Tip #4 Who would your site appeal to?
Suitable for:
Small groups

Tip #5
More photo’s of your space improve your booking rate. Let people see all the best features

Tip #6
Share your space using the links in at the bottom of your ad. Let your existing network know it is available for private settings

Tip #7
Can always write this in a word document and copy and paste into detailed description section

Type of Venue:
Top Tier Dungeon
Home Dungeon
Apartment / House
Bar / Club
Luxury Cars
Something Unique
Photography Services
Video Services
Lighting Services
Makeup Services