Information about OnlyRooms

How it works

How it works

It's pretty simple! There are basically three parts:


1. Somebody with a beautiful, unique, kinky or even creepy property lists the property on OnlyRooms.


2. A person, photographer, filmmaker, influencer, or another creative searches the OnlyRooms database for the perfect location for their content creation or next special time out and finds it!


3. The guest books the location, the host gets paid, everybody wins!



How to post a new listing:

To Post a new listing, simply click the “Post a New Listing” button in the top right hand corner of the website. Login with an email address and follow the prompts. Make sure to add the following details: description, location, photographs, and pricing.


Who sets the price of the listing?

All pricing is set by the Hosts. It is up to the hosts to determine the price of their listings. Reviewing other nearby listings may assist with determining this. As hosts many hosts agree to film and photography at their venues, they can charge slightly more than on other booking platforms.


Can I set my own availability?

Yes. Booking date and time are not confirmed until both the Hosts and Guests agree. When a Guest clicks “Book” a notification is sent to the Host, and the booking is not confirmed until the Host agrees to the requested date. This means Hosts can rent their spaces out at times that suit them.


How is payment made?

All payments are done through Stripe’s payment gateway. Stripe is a secure third party payment service. OnlyRooms does not hold Hosts or Guests payment details, this is all handled by Stripe ensuring security of all payment details.


When do I receive payment on my rental?

Payment is held with Stripe when a Guest makes a booking. Once the booking is completed payment is released to the Hosts. After a booking has been completed a notification is sent to the Host and Guest, asking if the booking has been completed, after this payment will be released. If this is not actioned, 3 days after the booking date has passed, payment will be released to the Host.


Can Guests and Hosts chat to discuss details?

Yes. This is encouraged to ensure that Hosts and Guests agree on all the details. Hosts and Guests can communicate through the Platform to organize access to the venues and more


Why does OnlyRooms ask for my banking details when I post a new listing?

We require your banking details to transfer you the funds from your bookings.


Can I link my listing with my website?

Yes. This is encouraged, if you have a website and you would like to show visitors that it is available for booking, simply copy the link from your listing and place it on your website, Facebook, or any other pages you have. Guests can click this and be directed to your listing and book your venue online.


What type of space can I rent?

Any space can be rented for content creation. Feel free to use your imagination. Houses, Dungeons, Offices, Gyms, Outdoors, Warehouses, Interesting features (stairwells, kitchens etc). The sky is the limit.


Can I post more than one listing under my account?

Yes. Hosts are able to list more than one venue under their account. You can also list different spaces in the one venue. For example you can rent out separate rooms or spaces in the one venue.

How do I list my venue for different rates: Hourly, Daily or Nightly.

You will need to post separate listings on the same venue. One for Daily and another for Hourly etc. You can post multiple times under one account


Can OnlyRooms help me post a listing?

Yes, we can. We do need you to login in for the first time so that we can access your account. After this we can post a listing for you to review and post live. We are always here to assist if you have any issues.


What sort of pictures can I post?

We only accept pictures of the space or venue. Please do not add photographs of people or nudity on your listings. These types of photos will not be accepted. Pick photographs that showcase your unique space and let Guests see what an amazing space you have.


If I have questions, where is the best place to contact OnlyRooms?

If you have any further questions, please reach out to






1.     Click POST NEW LISTING. Select filters based on Type of Space or Service. 

-       This means that if it’s an area that would be used for a OUTDOOR SCENE, even if it’s technically a part of your yard, you would want to select NATURE and NOT YARD. 

-       Or if it’s an interesting architectural feature, even at your place of business, you would select ARCHITECTURE, NOT BUSINESS. 

-       A BUSINESS category listing would be a space where the shot would show things like office cubicles, or a warehouse, etc. 

-       Think of what the actual image will look like as you choose filters.



-       The search bar on the website ONLY searches text you have written in the description including things like:


o   moods your location could be used for like “creepy” or “romantic” or “epic,” or aesthetics like “farm” or “trendy.” 

o   You may even want to include keywords for industries that might like your space, like “influencer” or “photography” or “content creation.” 

-       The easiest way to guarantee you include the keywords you want is to simply add a list at the bottom of your description that says, for example, “Related Searches: dungeon, ranch, outdoors, nature, content, photos, office, bedroom, quiet, large space, industrial, club, pool, …” etc.


If you want a nice template for your description section, we've made one you can copy and paste below! 

- The pound signs (#) will not be visible but will make the titles (The Location, etc.) bold, so that it's easier to read when your listing is posted. So you can leave those there.

- The information between the parenthesis () are prompts for you, so you can simply delete those and replace them with your text when you're ready! (Just read the calendar instructions carefully)


### The Location

(Add details about your location here, including what city and state it's in, even though you'll also add that info on the map at the end. It's also a great idea to add things like "This location is perfect for photography, etc." You can also add what time of day is best for certain lighting situations or what time of year looks best for this location. The more specific you can be, the more helpful it will be for Content Creators and Guests trying to find their perfect location)


### My Availability Calendar

[Calendly Link](YOURLINK) 

(If you decided to create a Calendly calendar, replace "YOURLINK" with the actual link to your Calendly calendar, including the https:// and KEEP the parenthesis around it. The text in between the brackets is what your viewers will actually see when your listing is posted.)


Related Searches: (Add keywords here that Content Creators and Guests might search for in order to find a location like yours! You can separate them with commas like: dungeon, bar, pole, rack, etc.)



3.     You may have MULTIPLE SPACES LISTED all under one account and even on the same property! 

Get creative! 

-       You may have created an account to list your beautiful garden, but do you also have a rundown, abandoned shed? A film crew might LOVE TO FILM THERE for a creepy unique scene! Or perhaps you’ve just renovated your bathroom with double shower heads? There are ABSOLUTELY people near you who would jump at the chance to get some photos in that kind of setting for their media! Be open minded and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find!




1.     You can only post your listing as renting.

-       If you post it as “renting”, your hourly rate CANNOT BE LOWER THAN $25 PER HOUR. (This is due to transaction fees that get complicated if it’s lower than $25.) We also suggest that you create an account with to give you more flexibility with your calendar. You can then add the link to your calendar into your listing description.

-       OnlyRooms charges 4% of your listing price, so be sure to keep this in mind when you decide how much to list your space for.


2.     To get an idea of a normal price range for your type of location, you can look around at other listings before you get started.




Once you have completed your listing, Content Creators and Guests can find your space and start booking immediately! But, you are a crucial part of that process. This is how it goes.


1.     An interested guest can view your availability calendar and once they choose an open space, they request it by clicking “BOOK.”

-       AT THIS POINT THE SESSION IS NOT YET BOOKED. You, as the host, must first review their request, and then ONLY AFTER CONFIRMING THAT YOUR SPACE IS AVAILABLE at the REQUESTED TIME and for the INTENDED PURPOSE, you may accept the payment.

-       DO NOT accept the payment before you and the guest are both agreed fully on both the appointment timing and the nature of the shoot. 

-       If the payment is not accepted within 3 days of the guest requesting it, the funds will be returned to the guest.

-       Accepting the payment will result NON-REFUNDABLE transaction fees, even if you both decide to cancel or alter the session timing or agreement.


2.     After the session at your location has been completed, the guest must select “COMPLETE” in your message thread to complete the contract and finish the transaction. 

-       It’s not a bad idea to remind your guest to complete the contract as you’re thanking them for coming. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PAYMENT until the contract has been COMPLETED, so this is a very important step. 

-       The transaction will automatically be marked as complete 2 days after the scheduled date has passed.

-       If a problem arises, you may contact OnlyRooms to arbitrate the dispute. (But their payment is already in escrow, so this should rarely be a problem.)


3.     After contract completion you both have the opportunity to rate each other. 

-       Remember to be gracious and positive during the session, and also to be understanding but clear in your rating of the guest. They will be doing the same for you.


4.     If your listing is SEASONAL or for any other reason will be TEMPORARILY unavailable, but coming back, you can feel free to CLOSE your listing without deleting it and all your information will be saved to put back online by simply reopening the listing when you are ready.




1.     In order to get paid for your listings, you’ll need to fill out your bank information in your profile.

-       Hover over your initials (or photo, if you have one) at the top right corner of your screen.

-       Click on “Settings”.

-       Click on “Payments”.

-       Enter in your personal and bank information.

-       That’s it! You are now ready to accept payments!


2.     Once the transaction is marked as “complete” by the guest (or 2 days has passed from the scheduled date), you will get paid within 7 business days.



And last but not least...


1.     The BEST way to bring more power to the Niche, including more locations, variety, and availability is to tell your friends about us! Know someone with an AWESOME SPACE? Tell them they could be MAKING MONEY with it just by listing it on ONLYROOMS! We even have a handy button at the top of the page to shoot them an email ;)

2.     AND, don’t forget, YOU COULD HAVE ANOTHER LISTING, TOO! Rundown barn, dusty attic, fancy bathroom, beautiful kitchen? We’ll take ‘em! Take a look and post it!






1.     OnlyRooms works just like other P2P (peer to peer) marketplaces but is created solely for Content Creators and Guests! 

2.     Hosts simply create listings on our website to rent out their personal locations, and Content Creators and Guests book the space through us to use for some fun or their photo/video shoots.




1.     Once you find the perfect location, you can check the hosts calendar, pick a time and day, and book! 

2.     At this point the site will ask you to “confirm payment” but your payment IS NOT official yet.

3.     Once you click “confirm payment” the request will be sent to the host. The host has to ACCEPT the booking, but is NOT to do so until you and the host DISCUSS THE NATURE of the visit. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. 

-       To avoid confusion and misunderstandings YOU MUST be clear with the host about your visit details BEFORE THE SESSION, including, but not limited to: 

o   whether shouting or other LOUD NOISES are involved.

o   whether your models or actors may at some point wear LESS CLOTHING than usual.

o   whether there may be scary or DISTURBING IMAGES, etc. 

-       This is all fully allowed so long as you and the host are in agreement, and most hosts are more than happy to just give you space and let you create, but the beauty of OnlyRooms is that anyone can host their PRIVATE property for you to use, so it’s simply important that everybody be on the same page. 

-       If the host does not accept the payment within 3 days of being requested, the funds will automatically return back to you.


4.     Once accepted by the host, your payment enters the system and is held by OnlyRooms until you mark the contract as complete.

-       VERY IMPORTANT NOTE – DO NOT mark the contract as “COMPLETE” until AFTER YOUR SESSION. This is the ONLY CHANCE YOU HAVE TO DISPUTE THE CONTRACT in case something goes wrong with the host. If you mark the contract complete early, your payment is finalized and sent to the host, and we cannot recover it. 

-       So again, WAIT until AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR SHOOT to mark the contract as complete.


5.     DON’T FORGET to mark the contract complete after you are done visiting! 

-       This is how you say thank you and authorize us to pay the money you’ve given us to your well deserving host! 

-       If you do not mark the contract as “complete” within 2 days after the event, it will be marked “complete” automatically and the host will receive the payment.


6.     If the CONTRACT WAS NOT FULFILLED as agreed upon, CLICK DISPUTE instead of complete, and OnlyRooms will arbitrate the dispute.



And last but not least...


1.     The BEST way to bring more power to the Niche, including more locations, variety, and availability is to tell your friends about us! Know someone with an AWESOME SPACE? Tell them they could be MAKING MONEY with it just by listing it on ONLYROOMS! We even have a handy button at the top of the page to shoot them an email ;)

2.     AND, don’t forget, YOU COULD HAVE ANOTHER LISTING, TOO! Rundown barn, dusty attic, fancy bathroom, beautiful kitchen? We’ll take ‘em! Take a look and post it!


If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us through the "Contact Us" tab at the top of our website!