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About OnlyRooms

OnlyRooms is an online booking platform that connects Hosts with amazing spaces, with the Guests that want to hire them for Content Creation, Short Stays, Film and Photography.

When creating amazing content or visiting new places, LOCATION is Everything. With a booming Content Creation Industry, there is no need to spend endless hours searching for your next location. OnlyRooms provides a searchable database of niche locations (as well as equipment) for every type of project, scene, visit or even date night. All of which are offered by the people that own them! Which means no more awkward encounters asking for permission from unaware hosts, or being banned from other platforms. We make it Easy to Search for, Find and Book your next location!

We are excited to have you leading this movement and have some big plans in the future. As with all peer to peer marketplaces, the success relies on community engagement. So please be sure to tell your friends, be engaged and let others know. The more hosts and guests that get involved, the better the experience will be for all.