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Terms & Conditions






When booking online, requires every customer to fill out their personal details.  The hotel then stores this data until the arrival day of the customer. A valid credit card must be filled out to make a secure booking which the hotel then receives. The customer does not pay to onlyrooms but only pays at the hotel.  Depending on the policy of the Hotel the guest pays only when arriving at the hotel by either credit card or cash. Some hotels have special policies where they only accept bookings with pre advance payments, and in exchange offer cheaper rates. Please make sure before booking if the room type is advanced payment since there is no refund after an advanced payment has been made.  




Cancellation Policy

Most hotels listed on have a 2 day cancelation policy , meaning that any person booking through our website has to notify the hotel 2 days before the actual arrival in order not to get a fine of the 1st night.  If this is the case the hotel has the right to deduct the 1st night off the customers credit card.