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Kraków info

Places to see in Krakow

Places to see in Krakow, things to do in Krakow, Poland

1. Explore the Europe's largest medieval market square

200x200m in size, the Market Square of Krakow (Rynek G?ówny) ranks as one of the largest medieval squares in Europe, and features many historical sites and places of interest in and around it. For centuries it was the most important public place. Today it serves as Krakow's gravitation center and the natural meeting and start point for any event.



2. Take an amazing walk along the Royal Route

Be sure to walk what is known as the Royal Route: Starting at Floria?ska Gate make your way past the Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) and St. Mary's Cathedral in the Main Market Square, and down ul. Grodzka where you will pass the Church of St. Peter and Paul. The walk concludes at the Wawel Castle - the most known landmark on the city.



3. Discover the secrets of Wawel Castle

Wawel is more then a site of national importance. Some people claim it's one of the energy centers of the world. First settlements on Wawel Hill date back to 50,000 years ago and during centuries it was the seat of Polish kings. Today Wawel includes the gorgeous Cathedral, medieval tombs, the rests of Wawel Dragon and much more to discover.




4. Stroll around the Old Jewish Quarter

To the south of Wawel Castle, the Old Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz) is another unmissable place. The main points of interest here are the Old Synagogue and the Remuh Synagogue and the cemetery. Those following the Jewish trail should also pay a visit to Oskar Schindler's factory in the Podgórze district.




5. Discover the legends of the St. Mary's Basilica

The altarpiece, the blue stained glass windows and the starred ceiling of this cathedral will take your breath away, no matter how many times you see it. There are many legends attached to St. Mary's. One of them will explain why a trumpet is played on one of the towers every hour and the tune gets cut off mid-melody.





6. Taste the traditional Krakow bagel

When you feel a bit hungry after extensive sightseeing or city walk, look for the street sellers vending fresh bagels and pretzels. Apparently they first appeared here in 17th century as a present in honor of King Sobieksi III, who saved Europe from the Turkish hordes. The bagels are still the same and taste delicious.



7. Visit John Paul II's home town of Wadowice

The town of his birth is just 40km away from Krakow and can be easily reached by bus starting at the main bus station (look for mini-buses with a Wadowice sign). In Wadowice you will see his birthplace and former home, which has been opened as a museum. The church where he was christened is also on the same street.


8. Witness the horror of O?wi?cim concentration camp

Words can not describe the horror of Auschwitz (O?wi?cim), a city where Jewish life and culture flourished for 500 years and which became a grave for more then 1,1 mln people. Today the Memorial and Museum present the silent blocks, torture cells, belongings and photographs of many nationalities murdered here.


9. Experience the underground tour at the Wieliczka Mine

A UNESCO monument, the Wieliczka Mine was created by nature 15 mln. years ago. The mine features 9 floors ranging down to 327 meters in depth. The tour shows a series of chambers full of carvings, statues, two underground chapels, all completely made of salt, and the salt lake. Wieliczka is 15km away by train/bus from main train station.



10. Explore Zakopane and Tatra mountains

Set in Tatra mountains Zakopane is known as Poland's winter capital and at one stage was even a candidate city to host the 2006 Winter Olympics. Apart from nice ski slopes, do not miss a chance to visit the Tatra National Park featuring Poland's highest peak, post-glacial caves, brown bears, falcons and marmots.




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