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Places to see in Boston,
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Places to see in Boston

Places to see in Boston, things to do in Boston, United States

1. Duck Tours

The famous Boston Duck Tours are a relaxing and entertaining way to see the highlights of the Freedom Trail if you don’t feel like walking. Your tour guide and operator will point out key historical locations as you roll through the streets of Boston in a renovated World War II vehicle. These custom-made vessels can travel on both land and water. Towards the end of the 80-minute tour - surprise - the vessel rolls down a ramp and into the Charles River. Some guides will even allow passengers to pilot the vehicle while it’s on water.




2. Prudential Building

They say you haven’t seen Boston until you’ve seen it from the top of the Prudential Building. For a modest fee, you can take the elevator to the 50th floor and get a 360-degree view of the city from the Skywalk. If you can, time your trip during a Red Sox game and bring binoculars to watch the action. Fun!






3. Quincy Market & Fanueil Hall

A central spot for both history and shopping, the Quincy Market area has something for everyone. It’s a major stop on the Freedom Trail, so you will see costumed interpreters and various plaques explaining the historical significance of various spots. Surrounding these locations are two large building which house stores of all kinds. In the center you’ll find Quincy Market itself, crowded with eateries that offer foods from around the globe. Outside are more vendors, extra seating, and street performers. This is a great place to take the family for an afternoon.




4. Simons Imax Theatre

Across the street from the New England Aquarium is the Simons Imax Theatre. The Imax film format involved special cameras and film. The screen is a dizzying six stories high and the seating steep but comfortable. Many films presented here focus on sea life, and some are even 3D. If you’ve never been to an Imax film, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.




5. New England Aquarium

Like any aquarium, NEAQ has tank after tank of aquatic life, both salt- and freshwater. On you first visit, though, that won’t be what you notice first. As you walk into this world-class aquarium, one of the world’s largest salt-water tanks looms before you. This 200,000 gallon monster holds sharks, sea turtles, and thousands of smaller fish. A ramp spirals upward around the tank. The top is open; ask for a schedule so you don’t miss the daily sea turtle feeding.



6. Boston Museum of Science

This massive museum features fascinating exhibitions covering all areas of science. Don’t miss the Theater of Electricity’s daily show in which actual lightening is created indoors. There is also an Imax theater, and a planetarium with astronomy presentations and laser light shows.




7. Freedom Trail

While walking around Boston, you may notice a painted red line or embedded bricks in the pavement. That’s the Freedom Trail. Taking you through some of the most important locations in our country’s history, this self-guided walking tour is 2.5 miles long. You can also join a tour with a costumed interpreter.




8. USS Constitution

“Old Ironsides,” which operated mainly during the War of 1812, is available for touring. She last sailed in 1997; in the mid 1800’s she sailed around the world. There is also a museum on the site. This is a naval base, so be prepared for security procedures.





9. Museum of Fine Arts

For a peaceful excursion, visit this fine museum. Its extensive collection includes works by Monet and Rembrandt. There is a huge renovation project underway here, so check their website ( for schedules and information.






10. John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

This is JFK’s official library; it should be on the list of any history lover. The library holds thousands of books, photos, and artifacts of our 35th president. Outside is a stunning park.





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