About Security

Your personal informations are on our perfectly secured server, and we won’t share any of it with third party companies. Your privacy is secured with the newest version of SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and we can ensure you, that any entered information is encrypted and safe.  Globalsign SSL verify independently  that our website has passed the stringest security-checks.



Why do we need credit card informations?

Your Credit card data are used by most of the hotels in the case of your non arrival. In that case they’ll charge the cost of the room. (There are some exceptions, please read the cancellation policy on the site of the hotel.) When you pay in the hotel with your card, it’s not neccessery to use the same one used on our site. OUR SITE WILL NEVER CHARGE YOUR CARD.

Where are your informations?

The private informations about your card will be sent only to your chosen hotel, and anywhere else. Any other private informations entered on our booking page, is perfectly secured by the SSL method. The details about your card will also be saved in a file, after you’ve made the booking. This file is used only in a case of customer services issues.
What is the guarantee?
If your credit card informations is used  for fraudulent transactions, your credit card company will contact  you.

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